How to install OpenCV3.3.0 on Python3.6.3 Window10…

1       Introduction

Python3 is the future of python. It’s becoming more and more popular than python2 with all kinds of libraries with more advanced features. OpenCV3.3.0 is the new version. It’s better than OpenCV2, but I don’t know why…

2       My twisted journey(If you simply want to know how to get it done, go to the second part)

I use Eclipse IDE and Pydev for python programming without adding python path to the environment variable. During the hard work to install OpenCV3, I had a few difficulties in making the installation programme running.

To start with, I researched others’ blogs about installing OpenCV python. There are two ways to get it done. One is to use the window within the Eclipse IDE where one can easily install extension library with pip. The other is to type the installation code at the Command Prompt.

However, to find the window in the Eclipse, I researched a while to get it done. And for the code typing option, it requires adding the python path to environment variable. I will show you the details in the instruction part.

3       Instruction

3.1      Option A.  Use the installation window in the Eclipse

  1. Click the “Window” optionimage001
  2. Click the “Preference” buttonimage003
  3. Choose the “PreDev” branch, expand the “PyDev” branch and choose the “Python Interpreter” buttonimage005
  4. Click the “Install/Uninstall with pip”image007
  5. Type “OpenCV-python” to replace the package word and click “Run”image009

3.2      Option B.  Typing code at the Command Prompt

  1. Click the “Adcanced system settings”image011
  2. Click the “Environment Variable”image013
  3. Choose the system variable “Path”image015
  4. Add your python path as one of themimage017
  5. Typing the code as followedimage019

4       Summary

The installation process for OpenCV can inspire me to install other libraries. Option A and B are equivient.


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